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Technical Hot and Cold employee inspecting and fixiing gas piping

Signs Your Gas Piping Needs Repair 

If the gas piping in your business is old, malfunctioning, or defective, you have a serious problem on your hands. Not only are you putting your staff and clientele at the risk of health and safety hazards, but your equipment and appliances could be facing damage as well. You should periodically have your piping system checked by a professional to ensure that everything is in top condition, and in the meantime, keep an eye out for these signs that your pipes are on the fritz:

  • Increase in Your Gas Bill 
  • Cracked, Rusted or Corroded Lines 
  • Rotting Odors 
  • Hissing Sounds Coming from Gas Lines 
  • Malfunctioning Gas Appliances 
  • You are Experiencing Dizziness, Fatigue, and Nausea 

We Can Repair Your Gas Piping!

Natural gas is an extremely flammable and toxic substance, so repairing your pipe system on your own or hiring an average technician, could result in disaster. Your THC experts can provide a full-service repair solution that will guarantee the safety of your business, and improved gas line efficiency. If you are experiencing a gas leak, or your pipes are corroded, broken or rusting, call us now to schedule your repair appointment.

A perspective shot of siilver gas piping in an industrial building

Installing a New Gas Pipe System In Your Business

Pipes will naturally break down over time, and once your system reaches a certain age, repairing the lines can cause energy inefficiency, in addition to posing a major health and safety hazard: carbon monoxide poisoning. Our technicians are skilled in designing and installing hard or flexible gas piping systems and would love to utilize our skills to make your business safe and effective. Need a gas piping service that goes beyond a repair or install? We’ve got you covered. Whether you simply need a new appliance hooked up, a cable re-installed, or the line to be reconfigured for new equipment, we would be happy to help!

Schedule Your Gas Pipe System Repair or Install Now

When it comes to repairing your business’ gas pipes, installing a new system, or hooking up new appliances, you need a quick and professional solution. Our technicians take pride in getting the job done right, and customizing the entire process to your particular needs. To get started on your gas pipe solution, speak to one of our friendly technicians today, to schedule your appointment.


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