Preventative Maintenance Plans for Your Northville Business

Custom Solutions for HVAC Equipment & More!

Technical Hot & Cold is committed to addressing the distinct needs of businesses in Northville by offering tailored Preventative Maintenance Plans. With our expertise in commercial preventive maintenance, we provide exceptional HVAC services that include thorough post-visit reporting and unwavering support from our skilled engineering team. Our specifically designed plans ensure minimal disruptions, prevent equipment breakdowns, and ensure the seamless functioning of Northville businesses.


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Commercial HVAC Service & More

Repair, Installation, & Service Solutions

With an unwavering commitment since our establishment in 1991, Technical Hot and Cold has been diligently catering to the commercial service, repair, and installation needs of businesses in Northville, Michigan. Our esteemed team of technicians are devoted to guaranteeing the flawless functioning of your HVAC system, rooftop units, refrigeration, ice machines, and other equipment, regardless of your industry. Discover the extensive range of top-notch commercial services we provide by clicking the link below.

Testing & Inspections in Northville, Michigan

CSD-1 Testing, NFPA Compliance, & More!

Our dedication lies in guaranteeing compliance and prioritizing safety for Northville businesses. We specialize in providing inspection and testing services that are designed to maintain the esteemed reputation of your commercial property and HVAC system. With a team of certified technicians well-versed in local regulations and building requirements, we are fully equipped to facilitate your annual CSD-1 testing, conduct NFPA compliance inspections, and offer a range of other services. To learn more about our inspection and testing solutions, click below.

Custom Commercial HVAC Solutions for Your Northville Business

HVAC Design-Build Services Customized for You

Our expertise extends beyond customary heating and cooling services. We are experts in creating tailor-made HVAC design-build solutions for various industries and commercial establishments in Northville. From intricate rooftop installations to enhancing your facility's mechanics, our team of skilled engineers is committed to providing customized HVAC solutions that align with your unique needs. Feel free to reach out to us today and explore how our knowledge can elevate your Northville business.


Bringing Your Business the Technical HVAC Expertise it Needs.

Refrigeration Maintenance & Commercial HVAC in Northville, Michigan

For over thirty years, Technical Hot & Cold has been dedicated to providing exceptional commercial HVAC services in Northville, MI. As the premier provider in the industry, our main focus is ensuring customer satisfaction through top-tier repair, installation, and maintenance solutions for commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our ultimate goal is to align our services perfectly with your business objectives. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team of skilled technicians possess extensive knowledge about Northville's unique building structures. This enables us to meticulously customize our services to meet your specific requirements. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment or inquire about a personalized Preventative Maintenance Plan that is tailored exclusively for your needs.

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