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Signs That Your Soft Serve Machine Needs Maintenance

Especially during the spring and summer months, it’s imperative to keep your soft serve machines performing at their peak. Having routine maintenance and deep cleaning performed on your machine will not only cause them to continually operate smoothly, it will also ensure a better tasting and safer product. Leaving your staff uneducated on the warning signs that your machine is in need of some maintenance could result in a system breakdown, negatively impacting your business’ productivity and profits. Here are some common symptoms that indicate your machine needs service:

  • Seals Look Worn 
  • Loud Noises 
  • Squealing 
  • Strange Odors 
  • Blades are Old 
  • Product Quality: Too Fluffy or Too Heavy 

Services We Provide for Commercial Ice Cream, Custard & Yogurt Machines

While your staff should work regular machine cleaning into their duties, there are certain maintenance tasks better left to the professionals. We provide numerous services to keep your ice cream, custard, or yogurt machines in optimal condition, including the following:

  • Check Performance of the Machine 
  • Deep Cleaning & Sanitization 
  • Part Replacement 
  • Priming the Machine 
  • Professional Detailing 
  • Converting for Yogurt or Custard 

New Commercial Equipment Installation

If you’re getting a new frozen dessert business up and running, or simply need to replace your current machines, THC can handle the entire project from start to finish. We’ll source the machines that work best for your needs, design a setup, and complete the installation. Plus, we can set you up with a maintenance program before we leave, so that your new soft serve machines receive the regular upkeep and care they need.

Our Complete Ice Cream & Soft Serve Machine Services 

We are the go-to for all your soft serve machine maintenance, part and install needs. Whether you need a deep cleaning or a machine repair, our technicians can take care of it, and get you back up and running in a timely manner so your operations aren’t affected. We are certified to service all makes and models, and can even convert your current machines to produce a different type of soft serve than they’re made to create. To get your ice-cream, soft serve machine, or other commercial kitchen solution underway, schedule your appointment now.


Heating & Cooling Services

THC is your one-stop shop for all your commercial HVAC and mechanical needs for a variety of  industries. All our technicians are factory trained, and every job is under warranty. Don’t see the service you’re looking for listed? Contact us! Our team is skilled in a variety of areas, and we’d love to accommodate your needs. To get started on your commercial heating and cooling solution, click the link below to schedule your appointment now.

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