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At Technical Hot & Cold, your needs are our number one priority. We’re passionate about the services we provide, and we understand how they play a critical role in the operations and success of your business. The same stands for our commercial refrigeration solutions – from our custom system design to comprehensive installation process, our technicians are committed to getting the job done right with attention to detail. The refrigeration requirements of your business are technical so we take great care to thoroughly walk you through the various aspects that will ensure you won’t end up with problems later down the road. Let’s talk about your refrigeration needs today!


The last thing you want to deal with is your commercial refrigeration equipment breaking down. Not only can the repair expenses add up if you’ve failed to maintain the equipment, but a down system can result in product loss. With regular professional inspections and maintenance, you can be sure your commercial refrigerators and freezers stay in optimal shape. Our expert refrigeration technicians help businesses all over Michigan avoid unexpected outages, and when emergencies do happen, our responsive customer service team is on the job to get a tech on site as soon as possible.

Our Custom Refrigeration Design Capabilities

Whether you’re building a new grocery store, restaurant, bar, or ice cream shop; or are upgrading your current commercial refrigeration system, there are many important factors that must be considered before installation begins. Not only do we take your layout preferences into consideration, we also take the time to explain the technical requirements that must be met so that when we do install your new system, it’s done right the first time. Our custom refrigeration design specialists offer extensive experience in reliable, long-lasting commercial refrigeration systems.

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Service & Installation

In order to successfully operate any sort of foodservice establishment, it’s important that you’re equipped with reliable refrigeration facilities. As a certified True refrigeration dealer, THC can advise you on the best equipment choices and set up for your establishment, source the products you need, and properly install and maintain them. We specialize in a variety of refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Walk-ins & Reach-ins 
  • Under-counter Refrigerators 
  • Worktops 
  • Bar Refrigeration 
  • Display Cases 
  • Ice Cream Freezers 

Commercial Hvac Experts

Serving industries across Michigan

The HVAC needs of commercial and industrial businesses are technical. No matter the industry, you can count on THC to efficiently and professionally handle all of your mechanical contracting needs so that you can get back to business. From restaurant and kitchen setups to industrial complex systems, our team is there for you every step of the way from install to long-term maintenance. Have a question about a service you need? Contact us to consult our technical team.

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