Personalized Preventative Maintenance Plans in Farmington, MI

Customized Solutions for HVAC Equipment

Technical Hot & Cold remains dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of businesses located in Farmington, as evidenced by our custom Preventative Maintenance Plans. Leveraging our extensive experience in commercial preventive maintenance, we deliver exemplary HVAC services with by comprehensive post-visit reports and unwavering assistance from our engineering team. Our carefully crafted plans guarantee minimal interruptions, preempt equipment failures, and ensure uninterrupted operational efficiency for businesses across Farmington.


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Commercial HVAC Service & More


Technical Hot and Cold has been serving the commercial service, repair, and installation requirements of businesses in Farmington, Michigan since 1991. Our dedicated team of technicians is committed to ensuring the seamless operation of your HVAC system, rooftop units, refrigeration, ice machines, and other equipment, whatever your industry. Explore our comprehensive range of commercial services by clicking below.

Testing & Inspections for Farmington Businesses

CSD-1 Testing, NFPA Compliance, & Beyond

Ensuring adherence and prioritizing safety for businesses in Farmington is our foremost commitment. Our expertise lies in delivering inspection and testing services that are tailored to uphold the distinguished reputation of your commercial property and HVAC system. Equipped with a team of certified technicians who possess extensive knowledge about local regulations and building standards, we are fully prepared to facilitate your annual CSD-1 testing, conduct NFPA compliance inspections, and provide various other services. To explore further details about our inspection and testing solutions, click below.

Custom and Bespoke Commercial HVAC Solutions

HVAC Design-Build Services in Farmington, MI

Our proficiency in HVAC extends beyond traditional heating and cooling services. We specialize in developing personalized design-build solutions for a range of industries and commercial establishments in Farmington. Whether it's intricate rooftop installations or improving the mechanical systems of your facility, our team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to delivering customized HVAC solutions that impeccably align with your specific requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us today and discover how our expertise can elevate your Farmington business.


Bringing Your Business the Technical HVAC Expertise It Needs.

Professional Refrigeration Maintenance & Commercial HVAC Services in Farmington, Michigan

Technical Hot & Cold has been committed to delivering outstanding commercial HVAC services in Farmington, MI for over thirty years. As a leader in the industry, our primary focus centers on ensuring customer satisfaction through repair, installation, and maintenance solutions for commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our ultimate objective is to align our services with your unique business goals. Take solace in knowing that our team of highly skilled technicians possesses extensive knowledge of Farmington's distinctive building structures. This expertise enables us to meticulously tailor our services to cater to your specific requirements. We encourage you to reach out today to schedule an appointment or inquire about a personalized Preventative Maintenance Plan designed to suit your needs.

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