Keep Cool THis SUmmer!

Your A/C System Tune Up Includes:

  • Check condensation pump. 
  • Check/adjust/thermostat control and electrical connections. 
  • Check operation of complete system during a normal cycle to identify any pre-existing conditions.
  • Check condition of air filter.
  • Inspect condition of blower assembly.
  • Inspect condition of blower belt. Adjust tension if necessary.
  • Inspect condition of all motors and bearings.
  • Check and record voltage and amperage on condenser circuit.
  • Check and record temperature drop across evaporator.
  • Check for proper condensate drainage from evaporator.
  • Check condition of line set and insulation around condenser and evaporator connections.
  • Check system through complete cycle to test for proper operation after completion of tune-up.
  • Test capacitors. 
  • Check fan blade & blower. 

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