Air Conditioning Inspection & Tune-Up Special

Don’t Sweat It... KEEP COOL

Lack of maintenance can cut your A/C lifespan in HALF! Avoid THOUSANDS in early replacement costs!

A/C Health & Safety Checklist:

  • Reduce agitation of allergy and chronic respiratory illness symptoms.
  • Reduce risk of spreading bacteria, viruses, and mold through ductwork.
  • Reduce risk of heat-related irritability, exhaustion, and anxiety.
  • Reduce risk of household pest infestation due to high humidity levels.
  • Reduce risk of dangerous structural damage due to high humidity levels.

Air Conditioning Inspection & Tune-Up Special

Air conditioners filter and recirculate cool, dehumidified air throughout your home’s ductwork. If any of the components responsible for this process are poorly maintained, it can lead to breathing problems, severe headaches, allergies, irritability, heat exhaustion, and more. An annual A/C inspection can identify and address such technical issues before they have a chance to affect the health of you or your family!

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Hot, humid, unfiltered air can dangerously impact physical and mental health!

Save On Summer Energy Bills

A/C Performance & Efficiency Checklist:

  • Check condensation pump.
  • Check/adjust/thermostat control and electrical connections.
  • Check operation of complete system during a normal cycle to identify any pre-existing conditions.
  • Check condition of air filter.
  • Inspect condition of blower assembly.
  • Inspect condition of blower belt. Adjust tension if necessary.
  • Inspect condition of all motors and bearings.
  • Check and record voltage and amperage on condenser circuit.
  • Check and record temperature drop across evaporator.
  • Check for proper condensate drainage from evaporator.
  • Check condition of line set and insulation around condenser and evaporator connections.
  • Check system through complete cycle to test for proper operation after completion of tune-up.
  • Test capacitors.
  • Check fan blade & blower.

A poorly maintained air conditioning system will not be able to cool your home efficiently. This means it will have to work harder and longer than it should to keep up, driving up your monthly energy bills. An A/C inspection can identify technical issues that are negatively affecting your system, potentially saving you a lot of money throughout the summer months.

Is an Air Conditioner Inspection Necessary?

When it comes to your health and money, you’re likely not willing to just risk it. So, why would you risk it with your A/C heading into summer? By scheduling an A/C inspection, you could be saving yourself a fortune in replacement, repair, and energy costs. Without an inspection, there is no way to identify and resolve any issues that could cause your system to break down unexpectedly. Plus, having your air conditioning system inspected can also uncover potentially dangerous indoor air quality threats and spare you the misery of not being able to stay cool during the hot summer months.

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