Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Businesses in Plymouth, MI

Custom Solutions for Your Equipment

We prioritize the specific needs of Plymouth businesses by offering meticulously tailored Preventative Maintenance Plans. Technical Hot & Cold is proud to serve as your committed partner in preventive maintenance. We provide exceptional commercial HVAC services, inclusive of detailed post-visit reporting and unwavering support from our engineering team. Our PM plans are strategically designed to minimize downtime, avert equipment failures, and guarantee the smooth operation of your Plymouth-based business.


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Commercial HVAC Service

Service, Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Expertise

With a legacy dating back to 1991, our skilled technicians consistently deliver unmatched commercial service, maintenance, repair, and installation solutions to businesses in Plymouth, Michigan. Regardless of your industry, our dedication remains steadfast in ensuring the flawless operation of your HVAC system, rooftop units, refrigeration, ice machines, and more. Dive into our comprehensive suite of commercial services by clicking below.

Commercial Inspections & Testing in Plymouth, MI

NFPA Compliance, CSD-1 Testing, & More

In support of your Plymouth business, our team is committed to maintaining compliance and, above all, guaranteeing safety. Our inspection and testing services are created to uphold the reputable standing of your commercial property and HVAC system. Backed by certified technicians well-versed in Plymouth's local regulations and building requirements, we stand ready to schedule your annual CSD-1 testing, NFPA compliance inspection, and more. Discover our inspection and testing offerings by clicking below.

Custom HVAC Solutions for Plymouth Businesses

Commercial HVAC Design-Build Services

Our commitment extends to delivering reliable, performance-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs of Plymouth businesses. Beyond standard heating and cooling services, our expertise extends to engineering custom HVAC design-build solutions for diverse industries and commercial spaces. Whether it's a sophisticated rooftop build or optimizing the mechanics of your plant, our engineers deliver solutions aligned with your specific HVAC needs. Connect with us today to explore how our custom services can advance your Plymouth business.


Bringing Your Business the Technical HVAC Expertise It Needs.

Plymouth's Trusted Partner for Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Maintenance

For more than thirty years, Technical Hot & Cold has stood as the top choice for commercial HVAC services in Plymouth, MI. Placing customer satisfaction at the forefront, we deliver repair, installation, and maintenance solutions for commercial HVAC and refrigeration, all aligned with your business objectives. Our experienced industrial technicians possess a deep understanding of Plymouth's distinct building structures, ensuring that our services are precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or inquire about a personalized Preventative Maintenance Plan.

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