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Why Does My Air Conditioning Unit Run Constantly?


The one question we hear constantly in the heat of the summer is: “What’s wrong with my A/C unit? It seems like it's running all the time.”  Well the answer might be a simple one, or depending on your situation, it may get technical. The best way to ensure your air conditioning system is running as it should, is to have a Technical Hot and Cold technician come to your home and perform a multi-point system inspection and A/C cleaning. You can schedule your appointment today by visiting

Face it, no one wants to be hot and sweaty when they're trying to relax in their home, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE wants to spend more than they have to on energy bills, so let’s review a few things that might help you avoid both of these negative scenarios.

Here are some simple DIY things you can do today to ensure you’re staying cool and getting the most out of your home’s air conditioning unit: 

  • Sign Up for Reminders to Replace Your Filters!

Replacing your air filters routinely is critical to ensuring the proper function of your HVAC system. Yet, so many people forget to check their air filter and replace it often, which can not only impact the performance of your system, but can lead to poor air quality as well. Sign up to receive filter replacement reminders today and we'll send you a friendly message when it's time to replace your filter!  You choose your reminder schedule – Monthly, Every 2 Months, or Quarterly. Sign Up Now!

  • Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Coils Are Clean & Free of Debris – Again, you want to make sure that your system can function properly and that there are no obstructions impacting the system's airflow. Think about it – if your outdoor unit is full of dirt, grass clipping, cottonwood mess, or other debris, and air can’t easily pass through the coils used to disperse the heat, your system has to work overtime to get the job done. If your unit has been neglected, bust out the hose and give your condenser coils the bath they deserve. They will reward you with better performance and lower energy costs. Remember if your coils can stay cool, they’ll do the same for your home. 
  • Move the Air With Fans – Use ceiling or oscillating fans to move air throughout your home. While fans can’t cool the air, they will make the room you’re in feel cooler so you can be more comfortable, much like a breeze cools you outdoors.  Just remember, you don’t need fans running in empty rooms so be sure to turn them off when you leave the room so you can save on energy costs as well.
  • Pull the Shades or Curtains Closed – Everyone enjoys a bright sunny day, but remember that objects that sit in the sun warm up, and the same is true for your home and the surfaces inside it that get baked by the sun through your windows. Your flooring and furniture will retain heat and disperse it into the room, increasing the heat within your home. The simple task of closing shades or curtains will help keep your home cooler, therefore minimizing the amount of work your A/C unit must do. 

There are also TECHNICAL things you should have checked to ensure your HVAC system is functioning properly: 

  • Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System is Well-Maintained – Believe it or not, a well maintained A/C system can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%! At Technical Hot and Cold, we offer an annual multi-point inspection and A/C tune-up for only $99! Between the energy savings you'll enjoy from maintaining your system, and avoiding a costly system breakdown mid-summer, your tune up gives you peace of mind of knowing you’ll be cool, calm, and collected all summer long. 
  • Is Your A/C Properly Sized? – Modern, energy-efficient air conditioning systems are actually designed to run fairly continuously during the summer in order to maintain the proper cooling and humidity control in your home. Of course, that's assuming your unit is properly sized for your home. Units that are too small for the home's size will find it difficult to keep up, run too hard, and eventually fail from the stress put on the system. Conversely, oversized units will have shorter run times, however that can result in moisture build up in your home, leaving it feeling clammy and uncomfortable. 
  • Get a programmable thermostat, and make sure it’s working properly – As simple as it seems, if your air conditioning is running constantly, the solution might be as simple as replacing an older or malfunctioning thermostat. At Technical Hot and Cold, we always recommend you look at replacing any older thermostats with a programmable version that will help your system perform better. Programmable thermostats can vary in cost from just under $100 up to $300-$400. Our team of technicians are always available to answer your questions and ensure you pick the right thermostat for your needs. Call 734-326-3900 to talk to a tech today, and start saving as soon as your new thermostat is installed. 
  • It may be time for a new furnace & air conditioning system – As hard as that may be to hear, if your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, and your furnace is older than 15 years, it may truly be time to consider upgrading. The good news is, newer units are typically 20% more efficient, and may also qualify for federal tax credits, resulting in cooler summers, warmer winters, and much lower energy bills. Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of having to purchase a new system. We can explain all of your options and help you evaluate your choices so that you can make a decision that works for you!

In conclusion, if your A/C system is running all the time, our best advice is to give us a call at 734-326-3900. One of our expert technicians can come out to your home and give your system a thorough inspection and cleaning. More often than not, a simple tune up can resolve your A/C issues, and if your system is experiencing something more than that, we can fix it for you. In all cases, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your air conditioning system is operating efficiently and is prepared to keep you cool even on the hottest of summer days.

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