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Does My Home Need a Humidifier?

How do you know if you need a whole-home humidifier & What are the benefits?

We're no strangers to Michigan winters, which can begin with turning the furnace on in October and not shutting it off until March, or even later! Months of dry heat from your furnace can lead to a variety of issues in your home, from the slightly annoying to major concerns. If the air in your home is very dry, you could find yourself suffering from one or all of the below:

  • Extreme static electricity within your hair, clothing, static shock, and more...
  • Dry skin, bloody noses, irritated eyes, and even asthma/allergies...
  • Damage and cracking to paint, wood, cabinets, etc...

None of these symptoms of dry air are fun to deal with and some of them are particularly concerning when it comes to your health or damage to your home that could end up costing a lot of time and money to repair! But fear not – there is a simple solution! If you see these issues popping up in your home, it could be a sign that you need a humidifier. It comes down to maintaining your home's indoor air humidity level – and all of that can be done with a whole-home humidifier!

Whole-home humidifiers are installed alongside your home's HVAC system so you never have to think about remembering to turn it on – it runs automatically with your furnace to maintain the ideal humidity level for your home. Once the system is installed, the benefits are priceless! Not only can you say goodbye to the pesky symptoms above, which on their own make installing a humidifier worth it, but you'll also enjoy a host of other benefits, including:

  • Improved indoor air quality which can improve lung health, alleviate allergy/asthma symptoms, and reduce instances of illness/sickness
  • Remove harmful airborne pollutants from the air in your home (particles, airborne allergens, and other biologicals)
  • Proper humidity makes your home feel warmer in the winter months
  • Maintaining relative home humidity below 50% prevents dust mite infestations, mold and mildew growth, and inhibits bacteria
  • Protection for your home furnishings, wood, cabinets, and paint from drying out and cracking
  • Reduced static electricity in your home
  • Great for babies and small children

What do you do if you need a humidifier?

While it can be easy to take for granted the air you breathe every day and night, it might be time to give it your full attention. After all, the EPA lists indoor air quality as a top environmental health threat! If you're suffering from the issues above, or are concerned about how dry air may be affecting you and your home, it's time to have a whole-home humidifier installed! And that part is easy! Either give us a call at (734) 326-3900 or Schedule an Appointment Online and we'll take care of the rest.

If you already have a home humidifier, but are unsure if it is working properly, we can help with that too! We can inspect your current system to ensure it is running properly, or complete any necessary repairs. You can learn more about our humidifier services here, or give us a call at (734) 326-3900.

Plus, right now you can save on your humidifier installation, maintenance, or repair with our humidifier winter service special! Our #1 goal is always to make sure that your home is safe and comfortable. The heating and cooling needs of your home can be technical, but we're here to give you honest and sound advice on what's best for your home. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out!

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